Colibri Sport - Compression and Muscular Protection SportsWear


CAR - High Performance Centre Colibrí′s experience in stretch garments has led us to create the new range of compression garments for control and muscular protection.
To do this, Colibrí® has spent 4 years working with the scientific department of the High Performance Centre (CAR) in Sant Cugat.
In September 2009, a project was started with the professionals at this centre to meet the needs of the world of sport, both at high performance as well as at popular levels.

Following the guidelines of the High Performance Centre (CAR) in Sant Cugat, Colibrí® has developed these compression garments which prevent injuries and help improve sports performance.

It is the only compression brand which, thanks to its technology, offers the benefits of control and muscular protection, tested and backed by the High Performance Centre (CAR) in Sant Cugat.

Patented products
Colibrí® garments and their fabrics are patented and registered globally. The final product is exclusive, fruit of complex investigation of both textile and sports physicians worlds.

Football ISO 9001
Colibrí® products are elaborated following strict quality control throughout the fabric production and the confection of the garments. The quality and good function of the garments are guarenteed as long as the right size is used and care is taken as indicated on the label.

The products used throughout production comply with the european legislation that guarentees the highlest level of health and environmental protection.

Made in Spain
Colibrí® garments are entirely made in Spain. This ensures the quality of the products as well as complying with european regulation throughout all the manufacturing processes.